How do you recommend washing my projects?

Base 1. is a superwash yarn, and is therefore treated so that it can be machine washed on a cold, delicate cycle. That said, I would always recommend hand washing your projects. You have taken a lot of time and put a lot of effort into creating these and soaking them in a no rinse wool wash and then allowing them to dry flat should avoid any damage that could be caused by using a washing machine.


Why are there no dyelots on your skeins?

I dye my yarn in very small batches and between even these the hand dyeing process creates a beautiful subtle variegated skein, each one is unique.


Why do you recommend alternating SKEINS?

Each hand dyed skein is unique, by alternating skeins through a project which requires more than one you will create a more even colour.

There are some fantastic posts online about alternating skeins, and I would highly recommend reading a few if you think it would be easier to just not bother alternating!


 Will the yarn run/bleed?

I dye my yarns, let the dyebath completely exhaust until the water is cool and then rinse the skeins until the water runs clear before they are sold. However, some of the colours I dye are very intense and require a large amount of dye there therefore may be some bleeding of colours. If you are worried about colours bleeding if you are knitting a striped project or doing colourwork I would always recommend checking first with a gauge swatch which you block to check the colourfastness.

Like most hand dyers I do recommend pre-washing intense colourways if you are able or are concerned about the colour bleeding.



I use commercial grade acid dyes to create my colourways, this uses citric acid to set the colour which is a naturally occurring acid. I then rinse the yarn in Soak unscented no rinse wool wash.

I live in a house with 2 very friendly cats, the yarn is dyed, packed and stored in a room which the cats do not have access to. However, they do occasionally pop up in photos featuring the yarn and their hair does travel much further than the rooms they have access to. If you have a cat or fur allergy please be aware of this before buying any yarn.


Are the colours on my screen accurate?

Each skein is unique, but so too is every screen. I photograph my yarn in natural light and do not apply filters to the colourway pictures. However, I use a smartphone to take my photographs and the colour is not always 100% accurate to the skein itself. Also, each computer, tablet and phone will have different settings, be aware that this may also affect how the colours appear.

If you are cautious of purchasing yarn without seeing it in person please contact me here and i may be able to send you a small sample if required.


Does the yarn come in skeins or balls?

All of my yarn is sold in skeins, if you do want these wound into a yarn cake I can do so, there is an option to add this to your cart. I am a one woman band so there is an additional charge to wind these.


Is your packaging recyclable?

YES!! The ball band, stickers and tissue paper are all 100% recycled and these and the delivery bag are recyclable. Please please recycle these!